Friday, September 24, 2010

Toastmasters Introduction Program

    Toastmaster Introduction Program 22nd September 2010
    Organizing Chair: Toastmaster Yvonne Wong
    Micheal Yau and Sheela on Speech
   Left: Sungai Ara Toastmasters Club ACB, CL Sam Yap presenting the Opportunities Knock speech
   Right: Farlim Toastmasters Club ACB, CL Carmen Loo Presenting the speech
   Left: Emcee of the day Toastmaster Lim Teong Ghee
   Right: President Toastmaster Tan Kang Min presenting the closing speech

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  1. Message From Best Pentamaster Toastmaster Club President (2010/11) Tan Kang Min (1346606)

    My Dear Colleagues
    Do you feel extremely nervous when every time rose required to speak up or to give a speech? I believe most of us often encountered this kind of problem not only at workplace, but even when asked to give speech in front of family member and friends as well.

    Toastmaster is a real stepping-stone for your career
    With no religion required, no race required, no gender required, no any special skill required, as along you are 18 years old and above. Toastmaster welcomes you with open hands.

    Toastmasters are your right way of your learning stage. When you start in Toastmasters, you will develop a signature speech about your life and career.

    Below are the observations of each department that I had gone thru.
    Sale Team

    Do you always face difficulties communicating with customer every time you promoting Pentamaster products?

    Administrator Team

    Have you ever had argument with fellow staff and find it difficult to communicate with them?

    Assembly Team

    Do you ever find it hard to be on the same terms with the customers when you are outstation for service?

    Purchasing Team

    Are you having hard time to communicate with vendor regarding the price?

    Design Team

    How do you manage your objection from your customer who evaluated of your design?

    To others Team I didn't mention

    Are you always also facing same problem as the above problem?


    Toastmaster can help you in terms of Communication and Leadership.

    Chances is never wait for us, is we always wait for chances

    Best Wishes

    Tan Kang Min

    President (2010/11)

    Pentamaster Toastmaster Club (1346606)